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  • CO Income Tax Filing Deadline Changed for 2011

    CO Income Tax Filing Deadline Changed for 2011

    The Colorado Department of Revenue has determined that the filing date for income tax returns due in 2011 will be Monday, April 18, 2011 rather than Friday, April 15, 2011. District of Columbia Emancipation Day is a legal holiday for federal tax purposes, and it will be celebrated on April 15 (normally, it is celebrated on April 16).  The Internal Revenue Service will be closed April 15 because it is headquartered in the District of Columbia and the federal income tax deadline is extended to Monday, April 18.  Therefore, the due date for Colorado income tax returns normally due on April 15 will be extended to April 18.  Returns filed on Monday, April 18 will be considered as timely filed.  However, note that returns filed on Tuesday, April 19 will be considered four days late.

    This revised deadline applies only to 2010 income tax returns due on April 15, 2011.  Colorado taxpayers generally need to complete a federal tax return before completing the Colorado tax return and an extended federal deadline might cause confusion about when federal and Colorado returns are due.  Therefore, the Colorado Department of Revenue is extending the state deadline this coming year to match the federal deadline of April 18.

    The April 18 deadline does not apply to estimated income tax payments (the first quarter payment for 2011 is due April 15), and it does not apply to businesses or individuals who file income withholding tax for employees.

    Refer to Colorado Department of Revenue Regulation 39-22-608: Satellite?c=Document_C&cid= 1186043489960&pagename= Revenue%2FDocument_C% 2FREVXAddLink

    2010 Colorado income tax forms and booklets will be available on the Colorado Taxation Web site, www.TaxColorado.comthe week of December 20.  The booklets will show the April 18 due date for 2010 income tax returns.

    Colorado Department of Revenue

    Taxation Web Site:

    CDOR Tax InfoEmail Address: tpspublicinfo@spike.dor.state.



    Brian Crouse | 12/10/2010

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